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Payment & Pricing

Recommended Prices

The RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is the means by which we compute the "Save Percentage" recorded against the prices on our site.

The RRPs recorded on our site are taken from various sources including the site of the manufacturer, which is our favored source, and other legitimate online retail sites.

Please note that because of the measure of our range and our worldwide item sourcing, not all item costs are recorded on the producer's site. Where we can't get coordinate data on an item value, we utilize a mixed rate from numerous sources to calculate it or we abandon it off totally in the event that we don't have enough reliable data.

We make sure that our RRPs are accurate and up to date. However, we cannot guarantee their accuracy. Please note that some companies or countries may change their RRPs randomly.  You will that the best comparison is our price against the price you currently pay. In case you find some errors in the RRPs on our site then please feel free to contact us.

Selling Prices

Selling Price lower than Recommended Prices ( in Normal Case )
We take the utmost care to ensure to bring you best shopping experience and reach your hands excellent confition. We always offer discounted price on most of our products. 

Selling Price higher than Recommended Prices ( in Special Case )

In the vast majority of cases we sell at a good discount to the Recommended Retail Price but not in all cases. If product is :
1) Premium / Special / Exclusive / Limited Edition
2) Not normally available in the market /
3) Can only got from us or similar online sources
4) Very Difficult product to source and pinknext pay over the odds to procure suppliers but which we do anyway to service our customers


Our Prices

Our prices were updated January 2015. This is how we calculate our "Save Percentage”.


Payment Methods

Last installment for other currencies and other card holders will be made at the exchange rate charged by your credit card organization at the exact time of installment. All rates are in U.S. Dollars.

Accordingly, please take note that because of money variances, the last aggregate on the order confirmation might contrast somewhat from the real charge in your own particular currency.

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